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This is a facet that allows you to filter by a date range. Currently does not generate any facet entries. Mainly useful for the date range filter.

Elasticsearch Mapping

Below is an example mapping for the field released. We need to use a date type field type for this facet.

"properties": {
"released": {
"type": "date"


} from '@searchkit/sdk'

const searchkitConfig = {
facets: [
new DateRangeFacet({
identifier: 'released',
field: 'released',
label: 'Released'

const request = Searchkit(searchkitConfig);
const response = await request
{identifier: 'released', dateMin: "10/12/2020", dateMax: "10/12/2021" },
facets: true,
hits: {
size: 10,
from: 0,


fieldAggregation field to be used, preferably a field that is raw, not tokenized
idRequired to be unique. Used to apply filters on field
labelUI label for facet. Used by @searchkit/elastic-ui components
displayOptional. Used on UI to specify what component to handle facet